Monday, September 27, 2010

School Projects

What is school without projects.  Over the years many various Great Brain, John D. Fitzgerald projects have been carried out.  The most recent one I heard of was from fifth grader named Trent Bakow.  He completed a book report on The Great Brain.  He did such a wonderful job that his teacher asked to keep it to hang in the classroom.  I'm sure that put a smile on Mr. Fitzgeralds face.

The next project was written in the early eighty's by a young man named Ryan Madsen.  His submission was presented at the Utah State History Fair.  At the time he was a middle school student.  He opened his piece with these words
My brothers and I have grown up with the books written by John D. Fitzgerald:  These books took place eighty years ago, and yet my brothers and I began to feel as if we were the three Fitzgerald boys in the books. My brother Troy knew he was "The Great Brain" when the elementary school talked about double-promoting him; I was John.  John D. Fitzgerald has had an influence on every young boy who read his books.
A few years after Ryan's project an entire school immersed themselves in Fitzgerald's work.  They created one of the most amazing projects and field trips I've ever heard of.  Next week I will share their work with you.

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