Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finding Fitzgerald

I wasn't the first person to research John Dennis Fitzgerald.  By my count I was the fifth, well maybe more like the 25th if you include all of the students from the Wawona School.  However, I knew nothing of this when I began to search.

I had grown up reading The Great Brain books.  My mom read them to us first, but after that my brother and I  re-read them repeatedly over the years. The tattered books remain as evidence of our undying devotions to the stories.

The itch for research didn't begin until years later, when I finally read Papa Married a Mormon.  The book stuck to my heart in a way no other book  had.  Questions abounded.  I was sure a quick internet search would answer the questions.  I was wrong.  No such site existed.  Eventually my husband found one called, Searching  for the Great Brain.

It was the sweetest site.  A family of homeschoolers had read the books. They then set out on a trek finding Adenville.  On the site they had some pictures, some brief descriptions, and some links.  Sadly, they never found Adenville.  For me, they were the first "finders".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Your Beginnings

A friend of mine mentioned that her son was just starting to read the Great Brain Series.  Realizing we all had a first with these stories I thought it would be fun if we shared some of ours.  Now I know you can't post it on the blog - but I can.  Send me your story in the comments section. When we get a few I will post them.  Enjoy your week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yeah for Updates

Yes, long overdue but here they are, a new page on the website - Growing Up Fitzgerald.  There were a couple of technical glitches - but I decided to get it out there for you to enjoy.  We'll tinker with it later.

Also some images were added to past blog posts.  Check out Seedlings for a Promise and Great Brain Descendants.

Thanks again for following along.  Enjoy all the pictures on both sites.