Monday, September 20, 2010

A Published Historian Drops By

This blog may have a small following, but it has some of the neatest visitors/followers.  Last week a new visitor dropped by.  His name is Reid Nielson.  I don't believe he is any relation to Mamma's family.  He is however an avid Fitzgerald fan and historian.  He works for the LDS (Mormon) History department.  Through his connections he delivered an address in 2007 entitled Separating Fact from Fiction:  The Life and Writings of  Children's Author John D. Fitzgerald.  

He was kind enough to drop me an email and compliment the blog.  I have emailed him to see if I can have a copy of his address.  If he gives permission I will share it with everyone.

If you have any interest in his other works you can check them out at

Mr. Nielson, thanks for dropping by.

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