Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Real Deal Part 3

Before I post this I want to thank Brigitte for keeping me informed.  Brigitte if you read this please accept my sincere gratitude to you.  We all really enjoy learning more of the details behind the stories we've loved.

Now for the post.  Brigitte sent me a great update in the comments section of the original Real Deal post.  I am sharing it without permission.  I hope she will understand.  Here is some more information on Honore Dussiere.
As a Dusserre form this line, we are French and not Basque. There is a wonderful story told from a cowboy/ sheepherder who was a peer to my grandad Felix (the baby boy in the family photo) and to Great Grandpa Honore.  There is an accurate and charming story of Henore in this document. I am sorry that I don't have the exact page. It seems as if it was on around page 18...? Another bit of info, the Dusserre family played a significant role in building the first Catholic church in Price. Notre Dame.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

County Fairs- All American

To my knowledge County Fairs are an American only institution.  Every August when harvest season is at it's peak the local community hosts a fair.  During those weeks livestock, produce, home canning, sewing, etc.  is on display. The displays are judged.  Awards given with Blue Ribbon being the top honor, Red second, Yellow third.  

For whatever reason John chose not include Mamma's fair participation in any of his books.  I would have loved to have read his description of these wonder events.  We are fortunate though to read a couple of snippets about Mamma's fair entries.  I hope you enjoy them.

Below are the persons who are entitled to receive one years subscription each to The Sun as second special premiums awarded at the recent Carbon-Emery fair. Fattest Baby - Mrs.  Tidwell Wellington:  Prettiest Baby - Mrs. Albert Pace, Price:  Best Hand Sewing-Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald, Price.
The Carbon-Emery exhibit was taken to the state fair in 1914 by Mrs. Fitzgerald and for several years her cooking and fruit canning entries won blue and red ribbons at state and county fairs.
 It may be a bit late - however, Congratulations Mamma!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Way Back When In Price

The Great Brain Series doesn't spend much time on adult activities, but the first three books do.  One of the activities Fitzgerald relies on is dances.  On this his history was dead accurate.  Papa and Mamma's first dance was fund-raiser for children's school books.  After they were married and were trying to settle in to town life, Grandma Nielsen encouraged Papa to take Mamma to the local church dance.  Mamma was reluctant, but Papa and Grandma Nielsen nudged her forward.  The evening was the beginning of Tena's acceptance into the town she would call home.

Author, Ronald G. Watt, highlights Price love and use of dances in his book Price:City of Diversity.
The people of Price had a variety of entertainment during the early period. Dances were the most popular and were often held in the log meetinghouse and later in the town hall.  Merchants Louis Lowenstein and L.M. Olson held dances when they opened new stores.  Lowenstein even held a dance at the town hall just for advertising purposes.  Ernest Horsley, Henry G. Mathis, and other had benefit dances when they left on LDS church missions.  Wedding receptions always had dances.  Bishop Horsley's wedding reception and dance was one of the best attended.  Sometimes the town board or the ward held benefit dances for a poor family.  At most dances the sponsor charged money to the attendees.  Some organizations like the Commercial Club often had dances to raise money.  A masquerade dance held each fall was very popular.  In addition, the Fourth and Twenty-fourth of July celebrations always ended with a dance.
So if your looking for something to do this weekend - start a dance.  It could be fun.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know not a cheery title, but one that deserves addressing.

The other night we gained a new friend/follower.  I think of all of us as friends.  I see us sitting around a campfire just outside of Price.  We are bundled up against a chill in the air.  We're roasting marshmallows and sharing our favorite parts from the books.  We've just spent the day touring the gentle town and are connecting all the pieces we have seen.  When ever any one comments or emails I feel very near that campfire.  And I can't call campfire buddies, followers.  So you are my friends.

Anyway our new friend was thrilled to find our corner of the world.  So excited that she wrote a blog post about the site on her site.  After I read her post determined I needed to address the disappointment that can occur during this discovery process.  So for Jill and anyone else who has bumped into some sorrow at the discoveries I hope you will read on.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Real Deal Part 2

I've waited a bit to post this entry.  I was waiting to see if I could get any additional information - and I got a bit. A week or so following the previous post "Real Deal"  I received a comment that took my breath away.  It was from a new guest it read,

"Yes, Honore Dusserre, my great grandpan, is the man with the mustache. He stood 6' 9".
While I waited for her reply I located two more pictures of our Basque sheepherder, banker.  I hope you enjoy them.