Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost There...

I know I promised a new page to the website in December and then again few weeks ago.  It is really almost there.  I've written the text, we are just getting the images attached and it should be up.  I've been struggling with vertigo, so it slows me down.  But don't worry you'll get it very soon.  Thanks for reading, following and sharing.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Glimpse of Papa

I am still writing the webpage for "Growing Up Fitzgerald".  I am excited for it's completion.  You will get to see a photograph of The Great Brain as a baby.  Other pictures will be attached, too, of the kids at various ages and stages.  Trying to make the text cohesive is my present challenge.

While I was writing it though, I ran across one of my first finds.  Someday I will tell the story of the research side of the project, but for the purpose of this post I will share with you, that I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for when I started, because of that, I was on  a pell-mell hunt.  One afternoon, while I was reading the History of Carbon County,  I ran across this piece (at the time I wasn't sure how prominent Thomas Fitzgerald really was in Price's history.) This clarified it for me.
"Dr. Frank F. Fisk was one of the first people in Carbon County to own an automobile.  In December 1907 Thomas Fitzgerald built a new barn to accommodate his roadster."
 The next paragraph states,
"The roads were rutted and in rainy weather were muddy, making for very slow traveling either with a carriage coach or a new automobile."
 Doesn't that sound like the Pape we meet.  In fact the opening chapter of The Great Brain says,
"If there was one man in all of Adenville who would order the first water closet ever seen in town, that man had to be Papa."
I can just picture Papa finding out Dr. Fisk had a car.  Immediately he'd get one, too, but he'd do better - he would build the first garage to house his automobile.  I can also see every kid in town paying a nickel to see the car, a dime to honk the horn.

I have to say I just love this family.

The Last Fitzgerald Home in Price

I feel as if I should start this post, Dear Lon and Anonymous.  Both of you asked for similar requests about the home still standing in Price.  Lon, I am reluctant to give out the address. I have met the owners, had a wonderful spaghetti dinner with them.  They were gracious and kind.  They have let reporters take pictures, whole school buses drop by, without prior knowledge. As a friend- I just don't feel comfortable about giving it out.  The color photograph on the Adenville post is the house from the front.  If you go to Price, it's not hard to find.  The streets are wide enough you can park across and see it fantastically.

Anonymous - Two pictures exist of the Fitzgerald homes we know about.  One can be found in Papa Married a  Mormon.  It is the 6 bedroom house Papa built.   The other house is the one in the Adenville post.

******* To anyone who visits Price - the house is not listed as a historic monument.  It is a private residence.  Please know that the residents are friends of mine and I will feel awful if people just started showing up.  Thank you *******

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Brain's descendants.

One of the most fascinating parts about this research project was the unexpected insights that came my way.  Many writers or researchers have a direction or end result they are searching for.  Mine was unclear.  I knew without a doubt that some type of serious discovery was needed.  Too many people had searched for their own answers and had come up empty.  From there anything was possible.

At times the findings hurt so bad I would just sit and cry.  The "Great Brain" discoveries were some of the hardest.  I remember explaining it to my mom.  Both of us aching for his sorrow.  Wanting to comfort him and make it all right.  Tonight a new Fitzgerald Follower asked me a question.  I was so glad he did, yes, it brought the sorrow back, but it reminded me that I forgot a few details.  So Rubin here goes-  you asked when he died and what of his descendants.

Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr.  died at the age of 86 on October 27, 1988.  He was survived by his second wife Florence and their daughter Mary (both of whom resided in California).  Only three people attended his service.  One of them was a lady who happened to be passing the cemetery at the time of the service, she had no idea who the service was for, but felt the other two men would want companionship at that time. My heart just broke for the image that understanding created.

Regarding his descendants, Tom had two other children with Florence, the eldest's name was Tuck.  Tuck's obituary was sent to me on a fluke at the time I didn't know Tom and Florence had children.  I had sent a letter asking for Tom's obituary, the librarian found Tuck's instead.  Tuck's given name was Thomas H. Fitzgerald.  He died in 1969, following a 10 day illness in a Salt Lake City Hospital.

I have assumed that Tuck's passing was brutal to Tom.  The losses he had to endure during his adulthood were tremendous. No wonder he sought seclusion. The list of passing is as follows his first wife, their child, his second wife to divorce, his second child-nearly 20 years ahead of him, and his daughter living with her mother.

From my point of view I can see why the once clever Great Brain could be overlooked.  The boy who once was, shared nothing in common with the man he became.

On a happy note though, as I dragged out the obituaries to read them, a paragraph about Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr. caught my attention.  I hope you don't mind if I quote it.  "Graduated from Carbon HIgh School in 1922.  Active in all high school sports.  Excelled as a boxer and swimmer."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everybody,

I had a wonderful Christmas/New Year holiday.  I hope you did, too.  I wanted to let you know I am working on a new page for the website.  The page is called "Growing Up Fitzgerald".  I am excited about it.  I will let you know when it's ready for reading.  If I run across anything fun to blog in the meantime I will add it, otherwise give me a few days.

Thanks for all of you.  I get so excited.  I jump up and down or read your comments to my family.  All day today during church I thought about all of you and the joy you give me.

Thanks - and Happy 2010 to all of you.