Thursday, September 30, 2010

Growing My Dream

I think the part I liked most about this blog is the inter-team work we create.  As avid lovers and readers of John D. Fitzgeralds works we really team up to bring these back to the populace.  Every idea fuels me.  Todays reader input comes from Sandy.  She wrote
I was researching books for my book club assignment, and came across this page: .  I especially like the query at the top about why the heck books in the middle of the series are out of print, and that he is also a huge fan of Great Brain books!

I went to the link.  It's a great piece.  I then wrote the author and asked if I could post it.  He gave me permission.  I hope enjoy it.

The Complete Great Brain Series
shelved under Children's Books
The "Great Brain" Series was always one of my favorites when I was home sick from school. They were set in a very different time and place (1890s Mormon Utah) so I suppose they were as much of an escape as one could imagine.
Start with the first and I'm confident you'll read them all.
P.S. If anyone out there is in the publishing industry, drop me a line and explain to me how gems such as these could go out of print... and why only some of them — in the middle of the series no less — are the ones out of print. 
In the meantime Peter emailed and asked if I would write a piece for his blog.  Peter I would love to.  I will also write the publisher and see if we can get an idea about the rights, printings, etc.

Thank you Sandy and Peter.


  1. The reason these books are out of print is because kids today would rather browse the internet or watch TV. Reading books has really taken a backseat these days for kids (how do libraries stay open any more?). Such a shame because all it takes is one good read to get hooked...and grow ones imagination, vocabulary, etc. Sigh!

  2. One of the libraries in our area always have their computers full. That may be your answer. Internet libraries. You can leave home and watch what your parents won't let you. Lon- you need to read the author Richard Peck. His whole goal in writing is to get kids off technology, connect with family, and let your brain go. And I promise as soon as I get an answer I will post it.

  3. Thanks Carrie; can you recommend a couple good Peck titles?

  4. Begin with On The Wings of Heroes, then read A Long Way from Chicago, A Year Down Yonder, and a Season of Gifts. He has a bunch of others but these were the first I read. I loved them. Have fun.