Friday, April 15, 2011

Brave Buffalo Fighter

This post is thanks to two friends Cherie and Charles, both of them asked about the book.

Brave Buffalo Fighter was written by the same John Dennis Fitzgerald of Great Brain history.  One of the best brief descriptions I could find was at Bethlehem books.  They write

This powerful story, presented in the simple language of 10-year-old Susan Parker, really centers around the characterization of Jerry, Sue's 12-year-old brother. The Parker family, unused to any kind of pioneering life, leaves St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1860, part of a westward-bound wagon train. Each family member is challenged by the hardships of a difficult journey in which a jumble of classes and types of people must learn how to pull together. Jerry thrives on the life, and is prepared, when the call comes, to sacrifice much for the sake of the common good. Here is an unusually realistic and moving tale of pioneer spirit.

I read it a couple years ago, when my husband bought for me as a surprise.  Like all of John's books it is a great escape to another time.  It looks as if the publisher recently re-released the book with the cover seen in the picture.  If your interested in it you can buy it at or  

Enjoy.  Thanks Cherie and Charles.