Friday, August 13, 2010

Way Back When In Price

The Great Brain Series doesn't spend much time on adult activities, but the first three books do.  One of the activities Fitzgerald relies on is dances.  On this his history was dead accurate.  Papa and Mamma's first dance was fund-raiser for children's school books.  After they were married and were trying to settle in to town life, Grandma Nielsen encouraged Papa to take Mamma to the local church dance.  Mamma was reluctant, but Papa and Grandma Nielsen nudged her forward.  The evening was the beginning of Tena's acceptance into the town she would call home.

Author, Ronald G. Watt, highlights Price love and use of dances in his book Price:City of Diversity.
The people of Price had a variety of entertainment during the early period. Dances were the most popular and were often held in the log meetinghouse and later in the town hall.  Merchants Louis Lowenstein and L.M. Olson held dances when they opened new stores.  Lowenstein even held a dance at the town hall just for advertising purposes.  Ernest Horsley, Henry G. Mathis, and other had benefit dances when they left on LDS church missions.  Wedding receptions always had dances.  Bishop Horsley's wedding reception and dance was one of the best attended.  Sometimes the town board or the ward held benefit dances for a poor family.  At most dances the sponsor charged money to the attendees.  Some organizations like the Commercial Club often had dances to raise money.  A masquerade dance held each fall was very popular.  In addition, the Fourth and Twenty-fourth of July celebrations always ended with a dance.
So if your looking for something to do this weekend - start a dance.  It could be fun.

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