Thursday, August 19, 2010

County Fairs- All American

To my knowledge County Fairs are an American only institution.  Every August when harvest season is at it's peak the local community hosts a fair.  During those weeks livestock, produce, home canning, sewing, etc.  is on display. The displays are judged.  Awards given with Blue Ribbon being the top honor, Red second, Yellow third.  

For whatever reason John chose not include Mamma's fair participation in any of his books.  I would have loved to have read his description of these wonder events.  We are fortunate though to read a couple of snippets about Mamma's fair entries.  I hope you enjoy them.

Below are the persons who are entitled to receive one years subscription each to The Sun as second special premiums awarded at the recent Carbon-Emery fair. Fattest Baby - Mrs.  Tidwell Wellington:  Prettiest Baby - Mrs. Albert Pace, Price:  Best Hand Sewing-Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald, Price.
The Carbon-Emery exhibit was taken to the state fair in 1914 by Mrs. Fitzgerald and for several years her cooking and fruit canning entries won blue and red ribbons at state and county fairs.
 It may be a bit late - however, Congratulations Mamma!

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