Friday, August 3, 2012

Facade's of Price

The town of Price has changed considerably over the years, but remnants of it's past are still very vivid. 

Norma, our impromptu guide, led us through town pointing out all of the historic fronts of buildings that remain. She graciously pointed out the old brothels, saloons, and other delicious tid-bits. Unfortunately I didn't have paper with me to write down all her of her insights, but I did take pictures and wanted to share. Next year, more of us can see them in person and I'll hire a real photographer. 

Mahleres-Siampenos Building

Built in 1913 and one of the oldest commercial buildings to retain most of its architectural features.

This is the current "Silver Dollar" bar that is in operation. I wish I could see what the facade was in the bricks above. 

Current home of the "Silver Steakhouse". I loved the features in the facade above the restaurant name. I will do some more research on the history of this one. 
Star Theater
Built in 1924 and later named the Carbon Theater. Used as a theater until 1964. Outstanding example of the Classical Revival style. 

The 2nd story is original in the facade. There are masks that represent muses and figures from Greek Theater. 

This is the outside of a current day auto-repair shop. I am trying to find out the history of the sign and original use of the building. 

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