Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Following the amazing Price Cemetery tour, we drove to the beginning of Price City's historic walking tour. Norma, the Price City Librarian, took the reigns becoming our impromptu tour guide. Norma knew more about Price's construction and style than even the National Registry. For the next two hours we walked, photographed, talked and learned about the homes, churches, and structures that inspired the world John wrote about. 

Our first stop was the Moynier House. The Moynier house was built in 1909, roughly seven years after Papa built the Fitzgerald's first home.  

I selected the Moynier house for our visit because the descriptions sounded very similar to the Fitzgerald home in John's books. 
The Moynier house is Classical Box...constructed during the first decade of the 20th century. A broad hip-roofed porch extends across the first floor of the facade. The inside of the house has simple dark wooden frames around all opening and the original six in baseboards are still intact. The house was built with four bedrooms on the second floor and a living room, front parlor, kitchen and large walk-in pantry on the first floor.
Though I loved the exterior of the Moynier house I sincerely wished it had been John's childhood home. For comparison here is the Papa Married a Mormon photograph of John's home. 

The caption below ran in The Sun- Advocate newspaper on June 19, 1902. 
 Thomas Fitzgerald will begin work next Monday on a six-room, frame dwelling house on his lot east of the Weeter Lumber company's.

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