Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Opportunity - Write Your Families Story

Nearly three decades ago my grandmother suggested to me that I become a writer.  She and I had exchanged letters all our lives.  She had been my mentor in the art of family story telling.  I remember thinking, when she made the suggestion, "Me a writer?  What would I write about?"  As I looked over my life at that present time I saw nothing interesting.  My life wasn't bad or anything.  It was normal.  What would anyone be interested in reading about. Today I see a different world.  My world had no cell phones or computers, we could and did walk to school everyday. And letters were priceless.  This brief memory brings me to this post.

In the next few weeks most of us will be connecting with our past.  Whether we are joining with family or merely remembering family, we will each be in the perfect position to begin our stories.  Like me, you may not see yourself as a writer, but you are.  Anytime you reminisce about "when you were..." you're telling a story.

This year as you connect with the stories of your past, take a minute and write down the story or at least notes.  File it away.  You never know what may develop.  Remember John had the notes from his families reminiscence for over fifteen years before he began writing the story that became our beloved books.  You may just do the same.

But what if your not with family?  Grab out some photos, videos, even cell phone pictures, or the images in your mind.  Write them down, give them words,  Look in the treasure troves you hold and tell your story.  Only you lived when you did.  Someday someone will want to read about it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving


  1. In the 1950's my mother belonged to the People's Book Club and I just recently found the books she received in a box long packed. Just finishes PAPA MARRIED A MORMON and, being a librarian, decided I wanted to find out more about John D. Fitzgerald, little realizing that he wrote the GREAT BRAIN series... Found a link to this blog and just couldn't let the option to post a comment pass. I'm currently editing a book of my own grandfather's writings and know more and more each day how much family means! A. R. Huggins.

  2. A.R. Huggins- Thank you. I love librarians. You bring so much to the world. The People's
    Book Club and Book of the Month Club were huge helpers in making John a successful author. You found a treasure. Your find has be jumping up and down in excitement. I hope you won't mind if I post your comment to my blog. It supports the effort I am hoping to make here. Thanks for commenting and visiting.

  3. Totally why I blog!!
    I have also done "Wayback Wednesday's" on my blog for awhile (not every week) where I do exactly this - look at an old photo or recall a past memory and get it written down - it is a truly wonderful thing to do.
    We all have a story to tell :-D

  4. I love your blog Cherie. It really is a family treasure. I often imagine your grandkids reading the books you create. I imagine them laughing, learning and even shedding a tear or two as they mature. I wonder if the internet creators ever imaged that kind of wonderful result. Thanks for always following my blog. You make me feel so valued. Thanks.