Thursday, October 14, 2010

Election Season

Though John never mentions it in his books, Papa or Thomas Fitzgerald,Sr. was actively engaged in Price politics.  Over the next three weeks leading up to our election I thought I'd post some snippets about his career in local government.

In the October 21, 1897, edition of the Eastern Utah Advocate (Prices newspaper)  we read,

PRICE TOWN DEMOCRATS- Pursuant to call the Price Town Democrats at the meeting house on Friday, October 15....The following committee of three was named to fill any vacancies on the ticket that might occur Albert Bryner, Thomas Fitzgerald and P.I. Olsen.  The above candidates need no introduction to the voters and tax payers of Price.  They are old residents of the valley They have seen Price grow from the tiny settlement to the thrifty town and strategic business center of eastern Utah.

I don't think many people in politics today helped build their towns quite the way the Fitzgeralds did.  I look forward to sharing more of Papa's politics with you in the next couple weeks.  Good Luck in your elections.

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