Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Reminiscent Thing Are You Doing

Hi Everyone.  It's berry season here in the Northwest.  June wraps up strawberry season.  July opens with raspberry and blueberrys.  Most years we pick the berries ourselves.  This year time hasn't permitted it, but we have bought them at the local farmers market.  Once the berries are home the fun begins - JAM making.

Every year since my kids were little we have made gallons of freezer jam in every berry flavor.  We also freeze these lovely berries to use in the winter.  This year we have also started making pies and freezing them.

I feel very traditional when we do this.  My kids are around.  The jam is yummy.  And we step back in time.
It reminds me of Mamma's kitchen.  Always busy.  Always available for kids, friends, families.  We just didn't have any Indian Chiefs over.

Are you doing anything that reminds you of the books?  Please share.  We'd all love to hear.

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