Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Real Deal

In Papa Married a Mormon we meet a wonderful man named Henri Dussiere.  We are introduced to him in Chapter 13, pg. 163. 
"When the directors of the bank informed Papa they were ready to put up the money, either as loans, or to form a company, to bring in sheep and cattle, Papa asked them to give him some time to investigate the matter.  He had read somewhere that the Basques from Lower Navarre in France were among the best sheepmen in the world.  He wrote to the French Embassy in Washington asking them to recommend Basque immigrants, with the bank offering to advance passage money.  That was how Henri Dussiere and his wife came to Adenville."

In the book, History of Carbon County,  the following description is found on page 203.
"Many French people came from the Haute Alps Department near the Italian border and from the Basque area of the Pyrennes, some who were known for their skills as sheepherders came to the American West to herd sheep.  A number of them settled in Price, prospered as sheepmen, and invested in banks and stores in the commuity; among them were Honore Dusserre."
On page 30 we learn more.
"In December the First National Bank was established.  Alpha Ballinger, Dr. F.F. Fisk, and Honore Dussurre were among the primary investors in the local bank."
I made those written connections in 2003 on my first trip to Price.  A  couple of years later I found the following photograph at the Western Mining Museum.

The typed notation by photo's donor reads,

                   "Men in a bar in Price, Honore Dusserre third from the right."                    
                    Ladies and Gentlemen - Honore Dusserre / Henri Dussiere




  1. Third from the right or the one with the mustache! I love that you got your hands on this (and other) old pictures. They never look how you think they are going to look do they? This guy looks rough and tough!
    Boise, Idaho is known for it's huge Basque population - just makes me wonder how many Basque are down in southern Utah or if they ended up migrating.

  2. So neat to see a picture of him! I love old photos. They are always fun, but even better when you know who they are! :)

  3. Cherie - I have always assumed it was the guy with the mustache. All these years I counted him as number 3. I think it is him. The third young man is too young in my opinion. A ranch hand maybe, but not a banker, sheepman. I guess I could be wrong. Thanks for teaching me to count :-)

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  5. Well, I'm glad *you* can count. Apparently I can't.

    1st from the right: the guy in the vest with the watch chain.
    2nd from the right: the guy with the open vest wearing the white tie.
    3rd from the right: the guy with the mustache (Henri Dussiere?).

    What am I not getting?

    Neat, anyway.

  6. Bobbertsan - it is clear I am on summer vacation. When I counted earlier today I went from the left, where there are 4 and 1/2 people. So yes- the man with the mustache is Dussiere. Tomorrow I am going to start learning my left and right. Thanks everyone. I needed a good chuckle.

  7. Yes, Honore Dusserre, my great grandpan, is the man with the mustache. He stood 6' 9".

  8. Brigitte- Welcome to the blog. Thank you for commenting. How did you find us? He's your great granddad. Can you tell us more about him? We would love to know more. It must have been amazing for historians to not let him be lost to time. Any insight would be wonderful. Thanks again for your comment.

  9. What has you so interested in Honore?

  10. Brigitte,

    I don't know how much of the blog you have read. I assume you read the piece that accompanies the picture. This blog is dedicated to the story behind the stories that make up the written works of John Dennis Fitzgerald. I love finding similarities or connections. Your granddad was a character in the story. I know it's not 100% accurate, but my readers love to learn about the history that may have helped create the story. Anything you would like to share, I would love to read and if you are comfortable I would love to share it with our readers. I'm not looking to embarrass him. Only present deeper insights to the real man. If you would like to help I would love it.

  11. Do you do geneology? Have youfound anything on his parents from France? or his Fathers brother in France. That will be the motherlode. OR, how about his homestead records? Huge homestead in Carbon Country. I cannot seem to find those papers.

  12. As a Dusserre form this line, we are French and not Basque. There is a wonderful sotry told from a cowboy/ sheepherder who was a peer to my grandad Felix (the baby boy in the family photo) and to Great Grandpa Honore. There is an accurate and charming story of Henore in this document. I am sorry that I don't have the exact page. It seems as if it was on aroung page 18...? Another bit of info, the Dusserre family played a significant role in building the first Catholic church in Price. Notre Dame.

  13. Brigitte-I am going to post this for everyone. Thank you for all your help. We love it. I can't wait to read more. Thank you.