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Bishop Horsley - Bishop Aden.

Hi Everyone - I am going to try to compile some strong similarities between the two Bishops.  I will type my resources with them to help out.  I will try to use Bishop Horsley first - then contrast it with some of Fitzgerald's descriptions from the book.  - I hope this works.

Bishop Horsley-(from Utah Since Statehood)  Ernest S. Horsely...1885....Price has since continuously been his home and he has seen it grow from a hamlet of a few houses to an enterprising town of twenty-five hundred population.  He helped build the first canal of this region at a cost of twenty thousand dollars and he has ever given his aid and influence on the side of progress and improvement. He was marshal of Price and afterwards filled other positions, brining him eventually to the presidency of the town board.

Bishop Aden-(Prologue Papa Married a Mormon) "The colonization of Adenville flourished, as our story opens, the population was over one thousand.  There were log cabins or adobe houses for every family.  A grist mill, a woolen factory, a tannery, and soap factory were all producing...The dam wich used "to go out like the wash", every Monday was rebuilt and was strong enough to resist any flash flood...Adenville was made a ward with Ephraim Aden as Bishop.

Bishop Horsley-(Utah Since Statehood) "He is one of the stockholders in the Price Cooperative Mercantile Institution, the Smoot-Nixon Lumber Company, the Farmers Exchange & Implement Company, the Price Water Company and the First National Bank.  His support of these various important business enterprises has made his work of much value in the material upbringing of the district."

Bishop Horsley-(Advocate February 1904) "Assessment Notice---Office of Price Water Company.  Notice is hereby given that at meeting of the directors of said pay the delinquent  assessment, together with the cost of advertising and expense of sale.   E.S. HORSLEY, Secretary.

Bishop Aden-(Papa Married a Mormon)"The next morning when he left the house, Papa turned toward Adenville instead of Silverlode.  He knew he would find Bishop Aden at the Latter Day Saints storehouse. He could never get over marveling at the capacity for work all Mormons seemed to have; in addition to his church duties, Bishop Aden worked his farm and put in long hours everyday in the storehouse, in a small office behind a desk piled high with ledgers"

Bishop Horsley-(Eastern Utah Advocate) "Beulah May, the 5 year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Johnstun, died at the family home at Sunnyside last Sunday of Bright's disease.  The remains were brought here for interment and the funeral held Tuesday, under the direction of Bishop E.S. Horsley."

(Eastern Utah Advocate) "Bishop E.S. Horlsey and wife went into Zion Sunday to attend conference."

(Utah Since Statehood) "Mr. Horsley is of the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has filled two missions to Great Britain, there laboring from November, 1893, until December 1895, and again from February 1909, until July 1911, his wife working with him on his second mission.  He was bishop of Price from August 11, 1896 until May 8, 1909, was made clerk of the church stake of Carbon in 1910 and still continues in that position.  He was set apart as a patriarch of Carbon stake on the 17th of March, 1912.

Bishop Aden  (Mamma's Boarding House) - "Bishop Ephraim Aden, the founder of Adenville....The Bishop, a man of great understanding, tolerance and wisdom, had been mayor of Adenville as long as I could remember.  Although he was now in his seventies, he walked with the spring of youth in his step and still worked eight hours a day in the Hay, Grain and Feed Store he owned.  As Bishop of the ward he gave both temporal and spiritual advice to the Saints;...he settled both marital and civil disputes among the saints.  Bishop Aden was like a loving grandfather, and the gentiles in town loved him as much as the Mormon's did."

Pioneer Day - a Utah State Tradition
Bishop Horsely-(Heart Throbs of the West Vol. 7) -"After the line had passed (parade), we went to the grove or home for dinner.  In the afternoon Bishop Horsley opened the program with a prayer of thankfulness for our many blessings.  Brother Frandsen spoke of the reasons why we celebrate the 24th of July.  Congregational singing and recitations followed by more music rounded out the entertainment.  Then the hall was cleared for a dance.....Fireworks and a dance in the evening climaxed the day. (written by Hazel V. Spencer).

Bishop Aden - (Mamma's Boarding House) "Bishop Aden always led the parade mounted on a white horse and carrying a large American Flag."  "As I made my way to them, the march ended and the band played a fanfare.  Bishop Aden held his hands up for silence.  "As Marshall of the day it is my privelege to proclaim the news you've all been waiting for...The prize winners of the is Pioneer Day Parade."  "When the last of the children's races had begun, Bishop Aden announced that contests for the adults would begin in thirty minutes."

Bishop Aden- (End of a dance in Papa Married a Mormon) -"Oh Lord," Bishop Aden prayed in a solemn voice, "we thank Thee for permitting us this evening of wholesome entertainment as we have always thanked Thee in the past.  We also thank Thee for having blessed us one and all with understanding and tolerance.  May we continue to exemplify these virtues and Thy commandments.  Please see each of us safely home.  I ask these blessings in Thy name, Amen."

Bishop Horsley had one other gift Bishop Aden did not have - record keeper.  In the book Treasures of a Pioneer History the compiler explained, "our history would be different from any other.  A very large portion of the material used in this book came from three histories compiled by Irene O'Driscoll, C.H. Madsen, and Ernest Horsley.  

I hope you enjoyed the comparisons of the two Bishops.  I had these pieces for a couple of years before I received John's character affadavt confirming the guess.  Bishop Aden was taken from Bishop Horsley, Bishop Price and Jacob Hamblin. The only one of the three who was Price's Bishop was Horsley.  - Thanks for reading.

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