Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Fork In The River

On May 26, 1969 - John wrote to Charles Whitman to explain a small development that had occurred.  Like digging a small hole in  a stream path, this development moved the play down an unexpected path.

Dear Charles; 
I am sorry to inform you that Prentice Hall who own the copyright to Papa Married A Mormon decided to accept a cash offer for a one year option on the live dramatic rights to the book.  And due to the cash involved I must admit that I went along with the idea.    
 Bud Noble and Associates are going to make a musical comedy out of the book.  The music and lyrics have been written and will be presented at the Fresno Playhouse on June 9th. I have written Mr. Noble and suggested he give you a crack at writing the book for the musical (libretto).  The Fresno production is just to try out the music with Guy Stockwell reading the narrative to the audience.  Bud wanted me to take a shot at writing the libretto but I haven't any playwriting experience at all, except for working on the motion picture script with Warren Duff.
You may hear from Bud Noble.
This still leave's Mamma's Boarding House open for option if you want it.  I recall the book, play and later motion picture of .Mamma's Bank Account was a big hit.
With every good wish,                                        

Shortly thereafter, Bud Noble wrote Charles Whitman.  From that day on the process took some remarkable turns.   I'll fill you in a few days.

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