Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas With The Fitzgerald's

Thanks for hanging on with me.  The past three weeks have been fun/crazy in my life.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving in snow covered Idaho then returned to Washington to watch our son play the Rabbi in Fiddler On The Roof.  Now turning our energies to Christmas I was reminded of a sweet parental lesson from Papa and Mamma.

In The Great Brain Returns J.D. happens on a conversation between Papa and Mamma early in the morning after Christmas.  The boys had worked hard to buy their parents good gifts.  From a boys viewpoint the gifts were wonderful.  From a parents - not quite?  The lesson of love though is the best.  From page 68,

"I know the boys meant well," Papa said, "but I wouldn't wear that necktie to a dog fight.  And as for that hat they bought you, only a dance hall girl from one of the saloons would wear a hat like that."
"I know, dear," Mamma said.  "But you will wear the necktie and I'll wear the hat."
"But what will people say when they see us?"  Papa asked.
"I don't care what people say," Mamma said. "All I care about is not hurting the boys feelings.  They gave us the presents because they love us.  We'll show how much we love them by wearing the necktie and the hat."
"You are right of course," Papa said.  "All we can hope for is that I spill some printer's ink on the tie and you get caught in a rainstorm and ruin the hat."
After overhearing Papa and Mamma, J.D. tried to sneak up stairs.  When Mamma called up to him, he said he just needed to go to the bathroom.

On that note I wish you all a Merry Christmas.  And another time to make wonderful family memories.


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