Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yeah for Updates

Yes, long overdue but here they are, a new page on the website - Growing Up Fitzgerald.  There were a couple of technical glitches - but I decided to get it out there for you to enjoy.  We'll tinker with it later.

Also some images were added to past blog posts.  Check out Seedlings for a Promise and Great Brain Descendants.

Thanks again for following along.  Enjoy all the pictures on both sites.


  1. How nice Carrie; I really enjoyed this update with the pictures. Someday, all of this will need to be put together in a little book....(hint).....hmmm! Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks for the update. Sorry to be a downer, but on 'Growing up Fitzgerald' there is this quote "....John was never close to to any of us". That just seems so out of place, given that John owes his notoriety to his reminiscing about his family.

    Again, sorry to be so negative. I appreciate the update.

  3. Bobbertsan,

    You are not being negative. That quote came from a letter written by Gerald, the youngest Fitzgerald child, to his niece Shelley. She was collecting family history and had asked Gerald some questions. Those were his answers. Then he attached a family tree sheet. I corresponded with Gerald's son. I had been trying to reach Gerald, but his health was declining. His son sent what he had. Gerald passed away during the months I was in contact with his son.

    I should probably follow Lon's advice and tie these pieces all together. I believe there is more insight to the family dynamics than can be put together in a cohesive blog.


  4. Carrie - Trent and I are enjoying the pictures and the info. He just finished reading "The Great Brain" for the first time and used it for his book report this month. He had to do 4 projects one of them being a "scrapbook" about the book he read. He had to draw the pictures but it is so fun to look at all the real photo's and see what it looked like back in the late 1800's.
    You are doing a great job.
    Did my e-mail help with anything? It was kind of crazy.


  5. Cherie,

    If you can I would love to use some of Trents report on the blog. So many of us are adults, it would be fun to relive our childhood joy through his eyes.

    Yes the email did help. That's my next project. With Clarissa at school I was short one website wizard. Now that the site page is up I can return to improving the blog.

    Thanks for following.