Monday, January 18, 2010

The Last Fitzgerald Home in Price

I feel as if I should start this post, Dear Lon and Anonymous.  Both of you asked for similar requests about the home still standing in Price.  Lon, I am reluctant to give out the address. I have met the owners, had a wonderful spaghetti dinner with them.  They were gracious and kind.  They have let reporters take pictures, whole school buses drop by, without prior knowledge. As a friend- I just don't feel comfortable about giving it out.  The color photograph on the Adenville post is the house from the front.  If you go to Price, it's not hard to find.  The streets are wide enough you can park across and see it fantastically.

Anonymous - Two pictures exist of the Fitzgerald homes we know about.  One can be found in Papa Married a  Mormon.  It is the 6 bedroom house Papa built.   The other house is the one in the Adenville post.

******* To anyone who visits Price - the house is not listed as a historic monument.  It is a private residence.  Please know that the residents are friends of mine and I will feel awful if people just started showing up.  Thank you *******


  1. Absolutely Carrie; the privacy of the current owners is paramount. I was just wondering if a view was available from Google Earth. But really, now that I know that the photograph from the Adenville post is the actual house my curiosity is satisfied. How close to the original structure is the current home? Is it basically the same?

  2. Hi Lon,

    The house interior is wonderfully old, but it is not at all like the house John describes in Papa Married a Mormon.

    A local citizen, who is also a Great Brain fan, believes from her vision of the exterior that it is the original house Papa built, but that when it was moved and set down backwards it altered the appearance a bit. She had a complete article written in the Sun Advocate. She did a good job with her thesis through photographs. However the current owners have the deed which clearly shows the house being owned by another family, before it was the Fitzgeralds. A neighbor, recently deceased, concurred that the house had been moved by horse drawn wagon and set backward on the foundation. According to that explanation the front porch is the back. The present owners don't know for sure. If you ever get to Price look it up.

  3. Lon,
    My brain kicked in late today - for a google shot, the house sits on the corner of 100 west. I've never tried to look, but that may help.

  4. Wonderful; thanks for the info Carrie!