Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A chance to say Thanks

Last night I checked my FindingFitzgerald email and received a word of praise. Tim Kane at www.growthology.org wrote, "It is only a month old, and I hope Carrie never loses her enthusiasm no matter how small the updates are." I was thrilled. Thank you. And if any of our readers are looking for economics help, check out growthology.

As I continued to re-read the emails I've received I marveled at the responses of support. Sandy wrote, "I can't believe I was just researching how to buy the next book and ran across this website and blog! You are fantastic for doing this."

I love it - to be called fantastic makes me sing.

Kathy said, "I have visited your webpage. Congratulations on it. It's a wonderful page." Doug added, "Thanks Carrie, I'm following your blog and plan to spend a lot of time at both sites."

I was so excited to have fans.

Joseph shared, "Stumbled upon your site quite out of the blue. Man, I used to love those books. Keep on keepin' on." The keep on support continued from Bob who added, "I really like your website. Keep it up."

These words of encouragement, as well as the questions from other posters, keep me enthused. I loved my research long before anyone else knew about it. I loved that I was ahead of the internet on so many of the finds. I love sharing this story with all of you. Thank you for making my dreams of sharing my finds so much fun. I'll "keep on keepin' on" if you promise to "keep on keepin' on".

Thanks everyone.


  1. I was just coming over to see if you had any new updates. Glad that other people are as excited as I am! I have a question for you...do you know what the real Tom thought of the books?

  2. Hi Mary,

    I am so glad you love the site. I have a bit of an idea. I am struggling with when to share my insights on Tom. He is so vital to this entire process and want his place to be understood. Give me a couple of days and I will try to answer that question.

    Thanks for asking it, I think alot of readers have a similar one.