Monday, October 26, 2009

John Dennis Fitzgerald's children

In an interview Fitzgerald gave toward the end of his life he stated that every child who read his books was his child.

John married a wonderful woman name Joanne. They had a long and happy life together, but no children. John and Joanne were a fantastic uncle and aunt to John's nieces and nephews. Nearly every Great Brain book is dedicated to one or more of his nieces and nephews.

I was only able to locate one nephew during my research. We wrote a couple of times. As the years went by the family lost touch with other, even today I cannot locate the other cousins who might fill in more of the later story.

One of my readers asked if he could write a note of gratitude to any remaining children, since your children are his children, wrap them in a bug hug and give them a kiss for reading the stories he left as his legacy.

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